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How TOD Works for You

Work when you want to

Whether you’re a morning person or more of a graveyard-shift type, you control your own schedule. Simply being online with us means more opportunities to earn more income! You’ll be pinged whenever a new job card comes in. If you’re available and you want the job, accept it before someone else does… Simple as that!

Automatic, guaranteed payment

Customers are billed automatically through TOD, meaning you get paid for every job you do, simply, easily and securely. It’s like magic (only a lot cleverer!).

Easy to understand. Easy to use

Once you’ve decided you like the look of a job and accepted it through TOD, our GPS system will guide you straight to your client’s doorstep. Quote them right there and then, using TOD. If the client approves, you can get straight to work. The entire process is literally in your hands.




A Word from our Heroes


Let’s get started, then!

Simple, online sign up.

A valid email address and cellphone number is all you need to get started. Then it’s time to create and validate your profile.

Upload your documents.

We only work with people who are above-board and totally legit. That’s why you’ll need to upload a copy of your ID, proof of qualifications (where applicable), references, and proof of bank account details. Then, you’ll need to complete a safety screening.

Now you’re ready to get to work!

Once we’ve checked you out and approved your profile, you’ll be active, and ready to login and watch those jobs start rolling in! As soon as customers put in new job requests, you’ll immediately get the details and the opportunity to accept the ones you like the sound of.


How sign up works:

  1. By clicking SIGN UP, you will be directed to download the getHERO app onto your phone. Once downloaded, you can begin the in-app registration process.
  2. Next you will be asked to choose an email address and password. The email address and password you have chosen will be your username and password to sign in to the app.
  3. Click begin and start by giving us your personal information. This will include your Province and City as well as your Name, Surname and Mobile number.
  4. Next we’ll need your company information. This will include the Service you offer which you can select from a menu. The services that are available currently are Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman and Locksmith but there are many others that we will launch in the near future so please select the Service you will offer. You will also be asked for your Company Name, Registered Company Name, Street Address, Type of Entity, and the Bank Details to which we will make payment when you complete a job using the platform.
  5. Now that we have all your company information we’ll need all your supporting documents. This includes a copy of your ID, Proof of Bank Account, Company Registration Document, Proof of Qualification, Work Permit (where applicable) and References from previous work you have done.
  6. Once you have submitted this information we will review your application and give you an answer within 5 business days.
  7. If you are approved to become a TOD Hero, you will be required to go for a criminal record check to finalise your application. Once you have completed a criminal record check it can take up to 5 business days from the date of the criminal record check to activate your profile.
  8. Once you are approved, we will activate your profile so you can log in and start receiving job requests.
  9. While you are waiting to be approved, you may use our other in-app features, such as diary management and quoting/invoicing for private jobs.
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Start making money

Start making money

Fair Pay

Willingness to recognize collective bargaining

We are committed to the principle of collective bargaining and recognize the important role of collective bodies representing workers, including trade unions, in promoting and developing fair work for platform workers. We are dedicated to listening to workers’ voices in order to improve their experiences and working conditions. Therefore, should an independent trade union or other workers organisation approach us to represent workers, we would be willing to recognise and negotiate with this body.