Customer FAQ’s

How do I register an account?
Simply download the getTOD App and click on “register account” on the main screen.


How much does the App cost?
The getTOD App is free to download and can be found on both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS) and on the Play Store (for Android)


Where can I download the App?
The getTOD App can be found on both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS) and on the Play Store (for Android)


Where can I find a tradesmen or supplier?
Once logged in simply click on your desired category (e.g. Plumber, Electrician, Handyman or Locksmith) and choose a supplier from the list. Suppliers are shown in your closest proximity but rest assured that no matter how far they are as soon as you press request they will be on their way to your desired location.


There are no suppliers online in the category I want?
While we have a very large number of suppliers signed up to the getTOD App to bring our customers their desired service, there may be the odd occasion where a supplier is not available in your desired location. In such cases simply go into a desired category and press the “notify me” button. Our support team will then call / message you to connect you to a supplier as soon as possible.


How does the costing work?
Please be sure to review the costing section of our website. To give you peace of mind, all our costings are standardised within specific supplier categories and therefore no more issues of getting ripped off.


Why do I need to enter my payment card details?
We want all getTOD users to be as safe as possible. We vet our suppliers to ensure our customers are safe. We however also need to ensure our suppliers are safe and ensuring a registered credit card is on the system helps to guarantee safety for all.


How do I pay for a job?
All payments are done through the App following the satisfactory completion of a job. No more hassle with cash. We also ensure the highest quality of service as we will not hand over a payment to a supplier unless the Customer is happy with the service provided.


How can I trust letting one of these suppliers into my home?
All our suppliers are vetted and criminal checked to the highest level before they are added to the getTOD App.


Are the jobs insured?
Yes. All our suppliers are insured and on top of this getTOD adds an additional layer of insurance (of up to R1 million) for guaranteed coverage.


When will a supplier be at my desired property?
As soon as you press the request button in the getTOD App the supplier will be on their way to your desired location. The App includes a time indicator in the category screens to give you an idea of how long it will take that supplier to get to your desired location.


Can I request a different location for the services?
Absolutely. Simply select the address of you desire and you can track our suppliers in real time to that location.


What happens if I’m not happy with the work done?
Simply contact us at within five days of the job being completed and we will get in touch to ensure this is addressed immediately. We will not hand over your payment to a supplier until you are happy. All payments are held for 5 days to ensure good workmanship. We will also ensure our in-house team addresses any bad workmanship and send out a team to bring this up to standard.


Who can I speak to about App crashes and bugs?
Please write to us at The App is constantly evolving and we would love to hear your thoughts so please do get in touch.


Supplier FAQ’s

How do I sign up as a supplier?
Simply go to and click on the “become a hero” button on the home screen. The majority of our on boarding process is done online and you will be guided through the required documentation as well we the vetting process.


Where can I download the App?
The getTOD App can be found on both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS) and on the Play Store (for Android.)


How much do I need to pay getTOD?
We only take 25% of the hourly rate amount. All material charges are separate to the hourly rate and getTOD takes 5% (so please be sure to add your markup).


Why do I need to upload a profile picture?
We want to ensure the safety of all our customers and a profile picture gives them peace of mind of who they are letting into their homes.


When will I be paid?
All payments are processed within five business days of a job being satisfactorily completed.


Where will I be paid?
Payment will be made directly to the account of you choice following the satisfactory completion of a job and post the 5 business day holding period (to ensure customers are happy with all work provided).


What do I do if I have any payment queries?
Please email with the subject line ‘payment’ and our team will get back to you in no time.