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By April 15, 2020Cleaning

So you’ve got the basics covered by now, right? Hands, cell phone, remote controls, keyboards – touch heavy goods – cleaning these daily, or even double/triple daily for your health should really play a major role in staying healthy during the age of a rampant virus. 

In that case, at TOD we have compiled some useful and generally overlooked items that need a good scrub every now and then (read: NOW). A general cleaning tip before we get started can be to clean from top to bottom; let gravity do a bit of the work for you. 


Dishwasher: it may leave your dishes sparkling, but your dishwasher isn’t self-cleaning. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your dishwasher, you may need to dedicate some time to scouring the filters and loosening up old food and grime. 

Dish rack: this needs a clean every couple of days to prevent mould from the stagnant water.

Coffee maker: different machines have different cleaning mechanics, but stay safe and DO clean it every week or so, hot water and general washing soap will be best. 

Sink: you should actually be doing a daily scrub of this after you’ve finished up with the dishes – potential leftover food particles can become a danger zone if left for too long.

Can opener: stop putting it back in the drawer after each use! 

Garbage can: a strangely overlooked no-brainer. This should be done with some industrial strength anti-bacterial as well as hot water, a couple times before letting it dry. An incredibly useful hack for odour control is sprinkling baking soda on the bottom of the can before you insert the trash bag. 

Fridge drawers:  They may look clean and transparent, but there could be any number of bacterial strains lurking in the corners. Because e. Coli often covers the surface of fresh fruit and vegetables, it’s important to wash out your refrigerator drawers often.


Toothbrush holder: surprisingly dirty – this should be cleaned as frequently as you do your toilet/bathroom. 

Toothbrushes: surprise, surprise! These get real dirty real quick and need to be replaced every month. 

Shower curtain: Ideally done once per month because shower curtain liners harbour mould, especially at the bottom of the curtain, where it absorbs a lot of moisture. To clean the liner, remove it from the rings and put it in your washing machine with a half-cup of baking soda and a couple of towels. Run it through a normal cycle with warm water. The baking soda and towels work together, scrubbing the liner to get rid of the grime and soap build-up. Hang dry.  

There you have it! Stay safe, stay clean and stay tuned for more useful and efficient household tips. 


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