Revitalise your kitchen without renovating

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We all have visions of upgrading our homes in the future. Or maybe we put off simple ways to update our space because we’re waiting for when the time is right, the place is right, or when we financially have the means. 

Full – scale renovation might not be in the budget at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. And hey – we have the time now, so excuses are scaled down to a minimum after our tips below:

Paint The Walls

 An obvious one, but overlooked specifically for kitchens. We seem to think of the other rooms in our house first to paint because they might be more of ‘living’ space but seriously consider a fresh paint job here. Paint can change the way a whole room feels and therefore how you feel in it. Whether you opt for a bright white or a chic dark shade, just make sure to pick a hue that complements your cabinets.

Rethink Your Cabinet Space

If you’re rethinking your kitchen out of need for more storage in your current space, reconsider the cabinets you currently have. Double your cabinet space by purchasing graduated shelving inserts, dividers or segregated Tupperware’s/ labelled containers. 

Add Some Floating Shelves

If you’ve got a blank wall to fill, consider adding some of these aesthetic shelves. They’re a great way to show off beautiful glassware, cookbooks, sentimental pieces, or even just some greenery —they’re easy to put up, look expensive, and they’ll give this room more storage. 

Fix Up Those Cabinets

Yes, painting cabinets is quite a bit of work, but it’s incredibly affordable! Otherwise, if you have wood cabinets and want to show off its texture, sand them down and give them a re-varnish. If they’re melamine, you can lightly sand them until they have a matte finish and paint those too. Consider giving your cabinets new handles  – they’re DIY easy, inexpensive and give the illusion of a brand new piece of furniture.

Hang Some Art

We are huge fans of art in the kitchen. Whether you have some blank walls, room to rest a frame directly on your counter, or even a giant gap between your upper cabinets and the ceiling, we say you should add some art! Framed stuff belongs in your kitchen just as much as it belongs in your dining or living room.

Pick Up Some Plants

Plants make everything better, not just for how they look, but for how they make a room feel too. For a kitchen, consider options like Aloe Vera plantsSpider plants, and English Ivy. Even just getting some flowers will add some colour and freshness to the room. 

Hide Small Appliances

Nothing brings down a space more than clutter. Keep your counter space clear of small appliances like toasters, blenders and coffee pots. They’re easy enough to take out when you want to use them.

There are a few easy ways to update your kitchen — no remodelling necessary. We like the saying: change is as good as a holiday, so freshen up your kitchen and make the favourite room in the house even more inviting. 



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