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Deploy and track credible tradespeople to your door on-demand

How TOD Saves Your Day

Tap a button, get TOD

Submit your request, hang tight for ±1 minute and one of our handy heroes will be on his way in no time.
Our heroes spring into action once you’ve submitted a request, racing to be the first to heed your call! In three minutes or less, one of them will accept your request, pack up their toolbox, and be on their way to save the day! Available 24/7.
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Safety first, always

All of our contractors are thoroughly screened and background checked by TOD.
And we’re not just talking about wearing the proper goggles whilst wielding a power tool either…  They’re all required to make it through criminal-record checks, and provide valid IDs and references.
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Safe, secure, simple payment

You’re billed through the app, and payment is processed safely, with no cash changing hands.
Because face it, cash is so last-century. Not to mention unsafe (and even, unhygienic – eew!). TOD uses a high-tech, secure, built-in payment system.
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Knowing exactly who I was letting into my home was important to me – I could see his photo and rate his service

Marissa StevensCape Town

How TOD Works


Tell us what you need

We match you with a host of heroes nearby who vie for your job no matter what needs to be fixed, built or installed.
Just tell us where you are and what you need fixed, built, installed or upgraded. Then, at the tap of a button, TOD will instantly notify all the heroes in your area. Within three minutes, one of our skilled, qualified tradespeople will leap into action and be on their way!
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Real-time (real handy) tracking

No more wondering where that darn handyman is, you can track your hero in real time through the TOD app while you wait.
From the moment one of our heroes accepts your request, you’ll be able to track them right to your door. No more anxiously tapping your foot while waiting and wondering. You’ll know exactly how far away they are, right up until the moment they arrive, ready to hammer your problems into the past!
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Get a quote… then decide

Before anyone arrives at your house, you’ll receive an instant quote through the app so you know what you’re in for!
Our heroes will assess the job on the spot, and quote you through the app, leaving a nice, tidy, digital paper trail, so no one can try pull any fast ones later. You can reject, query or accept the quote there and then. Our heroes will get to work the moment you give the go-ahead. They’re also extra nice, because your service rating helps us to rank their awesomeness!
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Your Hero is minutes away

Your Hero is minutes away

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